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COPD Home Education Program

07-24-17Neeta Goel, MD

The management of COPD is complex and requires collaboration among PCPs, Pulmonologists, nurses, respiratory therapists, and case managers guiding patients about appropriate therapy to prevent frequent exacerbations that can result in decreased quality of life, multiple hospital visits, and increased health care cost. In addition to the medication management, education to improve self-management skills has been shown to be the key in improving quality of life and preventing frequent hospitalizations.

Signature Partners has collaborated with Respiratory Therapist team at Fairfax hospital, working under supervision of Pulmonologist Dr. James Lamberti, Medical Director, Respiratory Care Services at Inova Fairfax Hospital, to bring disease management education to our Innovation Health and MSSP patients at their home. This program is provided as “free of cost” to patients who may be unable to visit us in the clinic or may otherwise benefit from a visit at home where they are in a more relaxed setting and may be more receptive to learning about their disease and how to manage it; family members can also facilitate learning.

Signature Partners Case Managers, supported by Tonya Kirchmyer, Director of Care Coordination, introduce the program to eligible patients and will prompt the providers for an order. Provider referrals for complicated COPD patients are welcomed.

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